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If you are looking for a professional and authentic website design seo service, you have come to the right place for your website design needs.
iconhorizons offers various website designing services for individuals, business organizations and corporate sectors.

We provide website design development and search engine optimisation services under one roof - CONTACT US with your requirements and we'll draft a No Obligation Custom Web Design SEO Package for you.

Our strategic approach in designing a website includes: -

1. Purpose: - The Main purpose of creating your website is iconhorizons first check point------which includes topic like: -

a. What you do?
b. What you offer?
c. What is in mind as regards site design?
d. Whether you want people to come to you or buy online or you go to them?

2. Website template: - Website template and web page templates are used as per your consent/liking, which are very catchy, nice looking and professional in approach. We make sure that the website template we design are functional and compatible with all latest browsers.

3. Website Company Logo: - Logo is designed as per your requirement and needs. Our logos are very strategically design keeping in mind that they are highly appealing, affordable, can be easily printed and act as an instinct recognition of your concern.

4. graphic design (optional): - Graphic expertise is required to produce images and site graphics, optimised to the smallest possible file size for instant loading.

5. Java script and Flash work (optional): - These are programming languages used to animate your menu (button) systems. It is believed to give a fancy look to your site, but actually turns a loss as far as search engine theory goes. Search engine may not be able to find the underlying pages as java, flash work replaces plain hyperlinks.

But here we have a solution: -

a. Maintain your fancy menus but do include hypertextlink at the bottom of your page to your sectional pages,with the links on your sectional pages to all the sub pages in that section.
b. Simply submit a sitemap web page to the search engine that contains links to all the pages of your site.

6. Site implementation and navigation design to help seo: - This is one field in the site design assignment that comes only with experience and not from any software. For site with over 10 pages a good navigation system is designed so as to help visitors reach the desired destination on your site and at the same time make the site much search engine friendly.

7. Marketing plans (Making site search engine friendly): - iconhorizons keeps one thing clear in mind that except you nobody knows about your business. iconhorizons works on web marketing into the site design to make it search engine friendly. For each web page we insert a page Title, Meta tag content, a Description and then the Text content. This is done simply to make the robots /spiders of the various search engines to index your site, where ever the user/surfer types the same keyword which are displayed in your web page Title, Meta tags.

Maintain your site with a long life: -

It is a very common note that building a new site is usually exciting but maintaining it for the up coming years is really challenging and frustrating. Here iconhorizons offer services like: -

a. Any changes/addition of new products - or shifting to a new server.
b. Adding/Changing the content of your existing information.
c. Addition in web pages regarding some new products, services, information, archiving copies etc.

Above all, if you want your website to have a top ranking in the various search engines and on your desired keywords, iconhorizons offers a complete range of packages for your needs regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM)



We shall look forward to serve you.
For any Queries and comments CONTACT US.

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